maanantai 1. syyskuuta 2014

hard days night and some cosmetics tips

Ok, this has been really hard day... wow! It started, when I woke up. I had slept..well, not so good. And I had sooo much to do. As usually, I start my day with coffee and oatmeal, blueberries in it.

Absolutely great way to start a day. So far so good. Then, some really fast make up, because I knew that I have some people to meet later. Here´s tip 1 for fast and good make up. Total natural, but your skin looks awesome!

 With that Glam Bronze you can shape your face with dark and shiny highlights...

So good to shape your eyebrows.

Bad picture but you can see my skin here, looks ok ;)

So, after this, I did my hair and I was happily going to my car....Needed to go to post office, to take my car to work shop and so on. I sat in to my car wow wow...that´s all that car said! Damn.....One hour we tried to start it, nothing. Ok, plan B. We took another car, my man´s work car and fast to post office, some gas to go and food from shop. I was so nervous at 1pm!! My time to that car work shop was at 3pm. And wow wow..all that it said. 

This was what happen, 30km towing. And as you can see, that front car is quite smaller than my car, so it was sooo brave! :D I truly cried here. I just wanted to burn my car!

So, we made it to work shop and those man took my car in their hands. My man left home. I sat there 2 hours, waiting and I was quite afraid how much it will cost! I have to say, the place, where I was...all about American cars, so not too boring ;)

After 2 hours it was ready, and TG nothing too serious was there! And not too expensive...

So, time was about 5pm and I had my car, still some things to do. One was to go this cosmetic shop. Today was sale in one cream, that I have dreamed about:

I truly believe, that this is the best that woman can get. It last´s long and is really effecting. 

And..also, bought new things to gym:
Pants and skirt..

Now I´m in sofa, just relaxing. Have to say, more than happy about it!
How was your day? Hopefully good!

with love