perjantai 28. elokuuta 2015

Hot or what

Oh, how many times I have opened my laptop and wanted to write. So many times! You see, the thing was... here in Finland came this crazy heat from somewhere. I´m not too big fan of way too hot, at least I want some escape from it, sometimes. But here at home.. well... we have this rock under the house... this has build to be safe and above ground. Wise thing to do, ants etc. dont come. But....that keeps cold, yes...but but...heat. Really, I felt like egg in frying pan!!!

So, long story short: I was so tired, so weary after all the time-heat, that I just could not write a thing. I had headache and felt kind of sick during that time... Now? Cooler! Finally!!!

I have enjoyed these 2 days, cooler air and Fall is coming!!! :) Happy happy about that.

Here´s some pictures about Fall through my eyes.....

I love woods and Fall so much..... All those colors..smells..all of that peace!!!

Here´s some pics, during my morning jogging. Yes, I actually went about 7 am to jog. For me that is different, cause I usually sleep in that time... But it was too hot to train in daytime, so...jogging in morning, gym at night. But waking up was so worth it! Look at these scenery´s!!!

Yep...7 am.... ;D

Every morning was heavy fog, air was so moist...

And 8m, after that fog was gone.....

So, back in business again!! 

with love

torstai 20. elokuuta 2015

sometimes small thinking before acting is good

Ok, just came from grocery. And I´m a bit confused. As I have told, about this my project me (yep, many, many times ;D ) I have been uncertain...certain...uncertain about my how do I look. I mean, so much has happen, I have been working a lot... my mind don´t still quite understand all changes.

Sometimes I think, that nothing has happen, sometimes I do realize that something has happen because my clothes are getting so big..

And I do have a goal. I needed this change, not doing this for nobody else.

I take pictures just to... well, maybe I start to realize, how much I have already done.

First one is about 7 months ago, second is just 3 days ago. 
Funny, how, even it´s positive, our mind can get confused about changes....

But, back today´s episode. I went to grocery earlier. It is hot in Finland and I thought that I put skirt and normal top. I mean, totally normal clothes, but I havent use those in a long time, because how I felt with my body. I tried to cover up in any way I could.

So, today, I put those clothes and actually felt good in me!! I know, my muscles has grown a lot ( that´s my point to do this, too) and...well.... firmed up a lot. I was like a school girl, both exited and a bit confused. As I was younger (thinner) I was wearing all kind of clothes, I love rock-style, wild...

As I stepped in to store, I felt I ok? Do I look ok in this? Like I said... still getting used to this transformation..

I took what I needed and headed to checkout. There was one older woman in front of me and I had to wait some time. One woman, that I have known many years came there too. First she didnt recognize me, but when she did!!! Last time we saw, when I was so much bigger...then I was ok. Now?? Really... she gave me this bad eye. Looked from head to toes and my arms... and she looked so angry. I went totally confused! What the ¤&## I have done??? Is this clothing so bad??? What?? My transformation was too much... I should stay like I was, I was kind of harmless then.
Really, this sounds so stupid! Why cant people do something and just feel good without that "bad eye" from others?

First reaction from me was...I ran to car and away! Fast! I DO look stupid! One tear came, too... then I started to think about that... why do I have to feel like this, if only I want to be healthier? I do have this right, to do what ever I want to do with my body. And if I feel good, no need to hide it! I can wear what ever I want without anybody´s opinion... I dont go around and judge, what others wear? That´s why I dont understand that kind of behavior... I never had. Never will. If someone wants to wear plastic bag, go ahead! If that makes you happy...

Kuvahaun tulos haulle quotes be what you want

Wow, there it came. Today´s drama :D

Wishing strength to be you, as you want.

with love

maanantai 17. elokuuta 2015

Today is no that day

No, it surely ain´t! 

To do what? Give up. Today is not the day to give up. Sometimes, you feel tired. Dont give up. Why I am doing this? If there´s a small fire left..dont give up. Wait till tomorrow, and do it again. Dont give up.

Look at the mirror and say to you: you are just fine. I wont give up. No matter what. I can do this.

Dance, if you want to. Be you, praise, what you have. Life is such a big gift, no need to shame on it.

Be silly, be flirty... have some fun. If you feel like jumping... well, who´s stopping? Flirt with life!

Dont listen those negative words around you. Block those behind you. There´s a huge space around you, to fill with positive energy!

Be strong. Fight about what you want, dont give up for you or nobody. Stand tall and go forward. One day you will see, that actually.... it was not too bad. 

Today is not that day, to give up. 

with love