tiistai 2. helmikuuta 2016

peace is gone from my home

As I woke today..I was dreaming about quiet moment, cup of coffee and maybe some time in internet..
That dream was gone, when I walked from bedroom....8 cat´s and 2 dogs needed food, attention, to go out, in, something! I mean, there was huge pack facing me in door gap! Five of those cat´s are kittens, 11weeks old... omg they have energy!

So...instead my quiet moment...I started to give food...first bigger cats, so they leave kittens alone. Then..to those five small ones, who have definitely character. They fight for their food... small cute...and growls. Sometimes I am not sure, should I laugh or cry. Sometimes I do both.

Now, as I sit here and try to drink my coffee, write at the same time.. I can see, that they are on the move. Small ones.. Thank God, bigger are in sleep, as well the dogs.

Lately I have felt that I´m some sort of feeding machine, I start in one place and when I´m in the end of the line...I shall start all over again.. :D

That is the reason...I haven´t been too active here. I do have my hands full till next week. Then...finally...those kittens are going to their  new home. Not too soon, I think... Dont get me wrong, they are so cute and nice..but the work...and my training..and cleaning the house... and and... I totally need a holiday!

Right now it´s snowing out and I should go to store.. toilet paper is good inspiration: when it´s finish the car moves faster.

And...as I tried to write something..these two were with me...

 This one is Tahvo, Barney in English. I think that he looks totally like Tahvo! This one will stay with us...he´s at home. What was I thinking..oh well....what´s done is done. :D
 Yep...my coffee...

 Tahvo´s sister... she is very active, too... 
I´m not alone...ever. 

I think that I shall go to store. In my car...there´s no animals :D 

Have a great day

with love
Maarit and Barney..Tahvo in Finnish

perjantai 29. tammikuuta 2016

I think that I´m funny

Really, not like comedian but I act funny. I was in bed/ sofa one week during flu and I got bored. I dont believe in horoscopes like you know, daily. What will happen etc. But character horoscope are often just like me, Gemini. And when Gemini is bored...well...stupid things will happen.
Also, that will emphasized, because I have been working out 9 hours a week, during last year.

So, I had soooo much time in my hands. My mind? Well, it went so fast, when I was getting better. I couldnt discharge that energy in any training, so there I was... in sofa...alone..with my head.

My temper was so short! My man was working hard, and also it´s deer season now, so he sat to do just that:  hunting in woods. Me? Alone at home with 8 cat´s and 2 dogs.... not too good situation :D not at all. I was acting so childish.... wow. Grown woman? Where?? Not seen that for a while...

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When I´m in this mood for change.... oh wow... I could change everything at once! Next second...no...I dont want...

Oh well, now I´m better and was in walk already! I think that my family is more than happy about that... But I have to admit... I do get childish when I´m bored. It´s not too easy to be Gemini, even one who is Gemini can get confused with herself..I shall write more about that, now I´m so hungry!!!

have a great day

with love

maanantai 25. tammikuuta 2016

Go for it! Thoughts about weight loss

Good morning everyone. Here I am, with huge cup of coffee. I did woke earlier, and my new routine is: food line. I start that line from kittens room, all five kittens needs, of course, breakfast. Then to kitchen and bigger cat´s and dogs. Then...me. Trust me, I move a lot food in 15 min!
One of the kittens learned how to escape from their room, so that too..keeping busy. Sometimes I do feel like I´m in Noah´s ark!

As I look from window, snow is coming slowly down.. in news said, that it´s gonna be very slippery to drive. Need to take it easy...
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I thought that I could share, what I have learned in my journey of losing weight:

After New year, so many medias are full of quick diets, fast training..you know, all sorts of products for losing weight. Best time for business now, people has made promises and full of enthusiasm to be in shape in summer. Gyms are full, business is great.

But... how about being more than part of business? I mean, how about taking care of you for whole year?

I know, that we all have said or heard saying: after this or that I will do it.

How about just..make a decision, with you.... I will do it. Just without big parade or wonder drug..I´m gonna do it.

After making decision, just work. That´s all it takes. Work. Leaving from your comfort zone. That could be the hardest part, but definitely THE step that is necessary to take. You get use to that new zone, and it becomes part of your new comfort zone. It takes time and work, but totally worth it.

All those pills, promises about easy diet.. well, maybe those will do the trick for a moment, but. Getting back all those kilos is usually reality. And someone is getting good money! Not you, but someone...

All it takes, is decision. Promise to you. Then, do radical change. Start right now. When you see, that hard work is working, you will get new inspiration to continue. And do it healthy!!

By doing things like in TV: s fast diets etc...have you seen ever a show "year after"? Well, me neither. Why? Too fast, and too tight program.

Eating right and!!! Eating enough is important. You need to eat. Real food. Just make a good choice, you know. Chocolate or chicken.. and dont get me wrong, chocolate sometimes aint bad ;).

But what I mean: basic things. Physical Activity in some form, what ever you like. And you know what? That´s it. Really. No magic, no mystery..basic work.

Our mind wants something...easier, or more trendy.. But the bottom line is: you make your choice and are willing to work for it. Then the whole world is open! And cheaper than some trendy things... ;).

So, if you are thinking to loose weight.. do it. Just... do it. Without explanations. You are truly the best to give yourself reasons, why not now. But if ask from yourself, why? Why I cant now? You usually find a reason.. I dont want to leave my comfort zone.
I did that. I did explained so much to me, why I cant go or why I need to eat so much. I really didnt need, but I was justifying to myself.. I need this cake because it was hard day. Or good day. Or both. Every day.

And I didnt need, not really. My mind needed, not my body. There was that difference.

So, here´s my tips for loosing weight. If you want it...go for it! You can.

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I´m listening myself now..this is hard. I have flu..and need to rest. For at least three more days, I have been resting since last Wednesday. I dont like this...I´m not in my comfort zone, in resting. My mind wants to work out... But.. well, need to give that rest for my, that I need. Bugger. Now oatmeal and more rest. 

with love¨