maanantai 27. huhtikuuta 2015

only positive things

Sometimes it´s easy to forget, what is good in our life. In this post I´m gonna write down those things, that are good. Maybe just to remind myself? And so I remember to be grateful, too. Ok, here I go:

  • Family, my man
  • Home
  • Our pets 
  • Food. I can eat....
  • I won panic disorder
  • I´m stronger
  • I have a car (that was my dream, when I was so down with panic)
  • Health, I can walk, breath, talk, breath...
  • Dont have too much money, but enough to have some treats, too.
  • Love
  • I can train again
  • And I´m making results in that
  • Nature
  • I can say no
  • Also, saying yes is more easier in need
  • After hard life I´m home
  • After hard life I´m alive
  • Blogging and people from blogs
  • Writing
  • To be able to say "I can"
  • No wars here
  • Still, I would love to help those, who suffer
  • To be able to understand
  • To know, I´m not perfect and never will be
  • Peace with my past
  • Still so much to do
  • Dreams, and to be able to go after those

I know, that there´s so much more! But as I started to think, my mind went a bit black :D Sometimes too much thinking ain´t good... But. I have so much to be grateful to. Of course there´s some things, that I need to do, face, fight..but I need to remember that fact, that I have won so much already! Those things, that I wrote...those were only dream to me about 15years ago. I never thought that I could be here, where I am now. I lost hope..... I did. Then...I found it again. And here I am. 

Never, ever loose hope!!!
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Kuvahaun tulos haulle quotes about never lose hope

with love