torstai 24. huhtikuuta 2014

perfect #selfie

Wow, this is hard now. I know, that I do that same: I put mask´s in some photos, that I use in FB or instagram. Yep, I do... why? Of couse I want the best pick there...why? Oh..well...I want people to like it?? There, now I said it! I dont have photoshop (TG) I have this Picasa that I use... or in my phone, there´s good program.

I read today, that woman are doing cosmetic surgery just to look good in #selfie´s????? I understand, if you do it for your self...but...really? For selfie? Ok, I cant say much, cause I do use time to time...ok, often filters in camera...but now, when I start to think about it...why???????

Where is this world going? I mean, not enough pressure´s pics? Wow....this is hard. I actually didn´t realize that before, and now..when I think much time I do use to take one face pic!!! That´s crazy! And´s today´s way. I dont think that I can do much, if I post natural pic here, without filter, without noting but me. Of course I can dream that this world would wake up and realize: Oh, how funny we were! :D and just be natural... Maybe one day, when all that can be done to human is done, and we realize that natural is actually beautiful. That can take...oh well, 30years? Hope not.....

Ok, here´s me. Without filter´s, no make up...just I usually am. Natural... :D OMG....

 Good Morning :)

Not perfect #selfies, but truthful..That cat is just so perfect! ;) Her name is Tuikku, in English it´s like light...

with love